What Is Ecological UV Treatment?

UV water treatment offers a more comfortable bathing experience due to less chemical usage and is therefore, more environmentally friendly. This alternative and ecological water treatment system is an automatic way to treat your swimming pool water that allows you to reduce the use of chemicals and associated costs.

How does it work?

UV-C light sterilises pool water – it denatures the DNA of waterborne organisms leaving them unable to reproduce and rendering them harmless.


A swimming pool UV system which uses a UV-C light to sterilise water. Available with an optional peristaltic dosing pump to inject residual water treatments such as liquid chlorine or hydrogen peroxide.

ELECRO HR UV-C has a E-PTFE lined chamber which offers extremely high reflection values of 95% (vs 20-30% for stainless steel versions).

UV systems allow the customer to dramatically reduce the use of chlorine.
View more details on our HR UV-C disinfection system

Key benefits for using a UV system on your swimming pool:

  • Automatic and ecological process
  • No residual and no chemical process
  • Reduced use of chemicals in the swimming pool
  • Easy to install on new or existing pool systems

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