What Are The Best Ways Of Heating Your Above Ground Swimming Pool?

Not lucky enough to have a swimming pool in your home? For most, the only way to enjoy their very own swimming pool is to invest in an above ground pool. And, while in many European countries the guaranteed sunshine means the pool stays warm all summer, in the UK our climate is a lot more changeable. In this blog, we look at the best ways to heat your above ground swimming pool during the summer months.

Solar Pool Covers

This is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to increase the temperature of the water in your swimming pool. A solar pool cover will help to stop the heat from evaporating during the evening and act as a pool heater in the daytime. Most solar covers will be able to add between 2 and 6 degrees to the water temperature of your pool.

Electric Pool Heaters

By far the simplest way to heat your pool is with an electric pool heater such as the Nano Splasher – the ideal choice for soft and hard sided above ground swimming pools. This plug and play pool heater offers silent operation and can be floor or vertically wall mounted for maximum flexibility.

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For those with larger pools, a direct electric heater will need to be installed by a professional electrician. These give you a much higher heat output with options up to 120kw, perfect for bringing even large outdoor pools up to temperature as quickly as possible.

Solar heaters

Like a solar pool cover, a solar heater takes advantage of solar energy to heat up your swimming pool. Unlike a solar cover, the Thermecro solar heater by Elecro works in all weather conditions, temperatures, and locations. This is a great option for those with large above ground swimming pools who want to cut down on electricity costs from running an electric pool heater.

Solar water heaters can be used in conjunction with electric pool heaters to create a much more consistent temperature throughout the day and evening. The use of a pool interface valve and control system will ensure this is controllable – letting you take advantage of solar heating during the day and simply using your electric pool heater to boost the temperature as and when needed.

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