Top pool trends of 2020

In 2020 we’ve seen some fantastic pool trends to hit the mainstream and we wanted to round these up in blog article to bring you the top choices from the past year. From aesthetics to energy efficiency and eco-friendliness, 2020 was all about looking at reducing our impact on the environment while still enjoying the luxury of our very own pool. So, let’s dive in and take a look at the top trends from 2020.

Circular swimming pools

From temporary inflatable pools to permanent in-ground pools, one of the biggest home-improvement choices that people invested in this spring and summer was their very own swimming pool. With most of Europe in some form of lockdown, many people found themselves spending their time in their own gardens and so swimming pools saw a huge increase in demand. And, while the inflatable pools may have provided a couple of weeks of fun, those who invested in an in-ground swimming pool are likely still enjoying the benefits.

In-ground circular swimming pools provide a great social space where you can swim, relax and cool off from the sun, while also providing a visually stunning feature for your garden

Black or dark tile pools

We’re so used to seeing swimming pools being finished with turquoise blue tiles that it has become the default, but the new trend is for dark greys, blacks and midnight blues to create a simply stunning effect that works well with natural materials. Not only do dark coloured pools look amazing, but they also benefit from using less energy to keep warm, thanks to the thermal effect of dark materials absorbing heat.

UV Disinfection

If you are looking to sterilise your pool water without the use of harmful chemicals such as Chlorine or Bromine, then you are going to need a UV system. Not only will it help save you money by reducing the need for regular chemical dosing, but it will also help you boost your environmentally friendly credentials. At Elecro engineering, we offer a number of chemical free disinfection systems which are designed to eliminate contaminants in your water and leave it looking fresh and clean.

Not only will our systems keep your water clean, if you choose our Quantum system, then you can eliminate the smell of chlorine from your pool for good. All our smart water treatment systems are suitable for chlorinated, freshwater and saltwater pools and are designed to keep your pool clean and free from harmful bacteria – particularly important this year.
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Energy saving pool heaters

From heat exchangers to efficient electric heaters, one of the biggest trends in 2020 was how to extend your swimming period with the most efficient heating solution. Using Elecro heaters, people were able to have their pool reach the desired temperature quickly and were able to extend their swimming period into winter. Modern pool heaters such as the Evolution 2, Optima and Flowline 2 ranges, from Elecro, use titanium heating elements to provide a 100% efficiency throughout their life.

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