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Electric Swimming Pool Heaters

Whether you have a saltwater or chlorinated indoor or outdoor swimming pool, an electric pool heater is a necessity if you want to use it all through the year. At Elecro Engineering, we take pride in being the UK’s major manufacturer of swimming pool heating systems, disinfection systems and solar heating solutions. Since our beginnings in 1997, as a family run business, we have built ourselves an excellent reputation in the pool and spa industry and provide a comprehensive selection of cutting-edge pool heating products that are exported to over 70 countries around the world.

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Our extensive range of electric swimming pool heater products cover a huge range of applications from small to medium sized residential pools right up to large Olympic size commercial pools. If you are looking for the best in-ground or above ground pool heaters on the market, then you are in the right place. Plus, should you have a bespoke request in mind, we can also offer a customised heating solution that is tailored to your needs. With Elecro Engineering, heating a pool has never been easier!

Apart from swimming pool heaters, we also offer:

Electric pool heater Vs swimming pool heat pump

If you are looking to install a swimming pool heat pump, have you considered an electric pool heater as a better solution for your setup? Although they are less energy efficient as heat pumps, there are many advantages to choosing an electric heater. Here are just a few:

  • Electric heaters have a considerably cheaper initial purchase price
  • Electric heaters are not reliant on ambient temperatures and can therefore be used all year round
  • Electric in-ground and above ground pool heaters are compact and able to fit into any small space. Heat pumps require at least 1m spacing on every side
  • Electric heaters operate in complete silence (0db all year round)
  • Swimming pool electric heaters require no maintenance

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Why not have the best of both worlds for year round swimming? A heat pump during the warm summer months and an electric pool heater for the colder, winter months.

Our heaters for pools are manufactured using high quality components

Looking for the best electric swimming pool heaters on the market? Then you will love our range of compact, reliable, energy efficient heaters. At Elecro we pride ourselves on manufacturing superior products using only high quality components.

Vortex spiral-wound swimming pool heating technology

Our range of pool heating products use a unique vortex spiral-wound titanium heating element which makes them very energy efficient helping you to keep your pool at the ideal temperature while keeping your running costs as low as possible. All of our swimming pool heating products are suitable for both above-ground and in-ground pools and provide effective heating for any size swimming pool.

Electric above ground pool heaters

The Nano Splasher is the most popular in above ground pool heaters. Supplied with a plug for easy setup, the Nano Splasher is simple to operate, includes dual safety features, and is capable of heating pools up to 45oC with a flow rate as low as 1m3/h and up to 17m3/h. This compact swimming pool heat pump product is the perfect solution for soft and hard-sided above-ground pools.

Electric in-ground and above ground pool heaters for residential pools

If you have a small to medium sized above-ground or in-ground residential swimming pool, our Flowline 2, Evolution 2 and Optima Compact electric pool heating products are the ideal heating solution for pool owners across the world. Every model in our pool heating range are highly reliable in terms of maintaining pool temperature, energy efficient, and includes dual safety features for peace of mind. For greater longevity, our titanium flow tubes and vortex-wound heating elements provide rust-resistant, self cleaning technology, guaranteed for the life of the product.

Electric swimming pool heaters for commercial pools

For the commercial swimming pool, we offer the SFS Joey and Titan Optima. Two, top-of-the-range swimming pool heat pumps that can effortlessly heat any large volume of water including spa pools, hotel pools and sports centre swimming pools. Both products offer the best solutions for heating a pool – reliable, accurate and highly efficient. SFS Joey is available as analogue or with digital display whilst the Titan Optima has full touchscreen, digital control.

Controller for your swimming pool electric heater

To keep your swimming pool at the ideal temperature, our Poolsmart Plus offers simple touchscreen control that can be installed anywhere in the home, ensuring your heaters for pools are running as efficiently as possible at all times.

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