Quantum Spa

Built with the same DNA as it’s Quantum family, the new Quantum Spa has the added benefit of amalgam lamp technology, offering the best performance over a wider range of temperatures with a consistent UVC output, keeping your spa looking clean, fresh and crystal clear.

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Features & Benefits
  • Photocatalytic Ti02/Mo oxidiser and clarifier
  • Combined photocatalytic, hydroxyl radical and UV technology
  • Eliminates contaminants, leaving water looking clean, fresh and crystal clear
  • Reduces the need for chemicals in the spa
  • Keeps your family safe from dangerous microorganisms such as cryptosporidium, adenoviruses and naegleria fowleri
  • Optional smart peristaltic dosing system for chlorine and hydrogen peroxide (Pro model only)
  • Powerful sterilisation and eliminates the smell of chlorine
  • Average lamp life expectancy: 2 years
  • Equipped with intelligent lamp life indicator
  • Sea and salt chlorinated water compatible
  • Models: Classic and Pro


1 Phase 
Lamp Output Max. Pool Vol Product Codes: Features: Net Weight Gross Weight Volume
Models  [W] [m³] UK Plug
(Type G)
Euro Plug
(Type F)
USA Plug
(Type B)
[kg] [kg] [m³]
Spa Classic 30 35 Q-35-UK-SPA Q-35-EU-SPA Q-35-USA-SPA Flow switch, analogue lamp life indicator & reset switch 5.1700 7.0000 0.0639
Spa Pro 30 35 QP-35-UK-SPA QP-135-EU-SPA QP-35-USA-SPA Flow switch, digital lamp life countdown & intelligent dosing pump 5.7700 7.6000 0.0639

Power Supply

Single Phase 100V~240V

Min. Flow Rate


Max. Flow Rate

10,000 litres per hour; 10m³/h

Max. Pool Size

35,000 litres; 35m³

Max. Power Consumption




Lamp Life

14,000 hours

Dosing Rate

Exceeds the equivalent of 30mj/cm² at max. flow rate

Ingress Protection Rating



50/60 Hz

Working Pressure

3 Bar maximum

Water Connections

2"/63mm stepped ABS unions + reducers 1½"/50mm

Salt Water

100% sea and salt chlorinated water safe


Vertical or horizontal wall mounting

Oxidisation Processes

Quantum photocatalytic oxidiser (PCO) & hydroxyl radicals (HO)