Thermecro converts a staggering 92% of solar radiation that strikes it into hot water for your swimming pool or spa.  Thermecro is not reliant on outside temperature or direct sunlight so, unlike any other solar heaters on the market, it will work optimally in all weather conditions, temperatures and locations.  Ideal solution for a secondary heating device.

Features & Benefits

  • Generates far more hot water per m² than any other solar heating system
  • Works even in the lowest of ambient temperatures
  • Compact design in comparison to all other solar heating systems
  • System is perfectly insulated so delivers hot water to the pool or spa with zero losses
  • Significantly reduces your energy consumption
  • Eco-friendly reduces your carbon footprint
Document Downloads

Evacuated Radiation Collector Tubes Borosilicate 3.3 (Pyrex) 1500mm x 58mm
Frame Material Anodised aluminium 3mm wall sections
Water Connections 1″ BSP male thread (x2 pairs)
Temperature Sensor Pool interface: 1 metre long NTC; thermistor 103AT-2, R25=10K B=3435K
Evacuated tube: 1.5 metres long high temperature NTC; thermistor G560
Mounting Floor standing or roof mounting
Optional Accessories Solar Controller and Pool Interface Valve
Control Power Supply Single phase 220-240V
Ingress Protection Rating IP44
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Accessory Mounting Wall mounting