Spa Water Treatment and Disinfection

Whether you have a home spa or are running a commercial spa, keeping it clean will help you get the maximum return from your investment. At Elecro Engineering we manufacture market leading spa disinfection and water treatment systems. Both our spa disinfection systems neutralise bacteria, viruses, algae and fungi that chemical alone can’t get rid of, helping to ensure your spa pool is sterile and always ready for use.

We offer 2 different systems which both use ultraviolet light in addition to other methods of sterilization to help reduce the need for traditional chemicals. And thanks to an average life expectancy of 2 years and the intelligent lamp life indicator, both systems provide great and reliable performance.

The spa UV systems work by producing different wavelengths of UV light that breaks down chloramines while killing bacteria, algae and other fungi in the water. These systems can also be used with an optional peristaltic dosing system for chlorine and hydrogen peroxide for maximum sterilisation and commercial applications.

To find out more about our spa water treatment and UV disinfection systems just give us a call today on +44 1438 749 474 or visit our distributors page to find your nearest distributor.

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