Solar Pool Heaters

Would you like to take advantage of solar energy to heat up your swimming pool? The Thermecro Solar Heater is the perfect option for you then. Unlike other solar swimming pool heaters, Thermecro works in all weather conditions, temperatures and locations. This highly efficient panel converts 92% of solar radiation into hot water for your swimming pool. If you are looking for a cost-effective secondary form of heating for your pool, then you will love our Thermecro solar pool heater.

Thanks to its innovative and compact design, the Thermecro panel generates far more hot water per meter squared than other solar heating systems that are currently on the market. Not only will a solar heater for your swimming pool help you save money on your electricity costs, but it will also reduce your carbon footprint.

Our solar pool heater is designed to work in conjunction with your existing electric pool heater and can be added in-line between your filter and your disinfection system. Using a pool interface valve and control system will greatly improve the controllability of your pool heating and let you run your solar heater during the day and electric heater in the evening or when you need to boost the temperature of your pool.

To find out more about the Thermecro solar heater just give us a call today on +44 1438 749 474 or visit our distributors page to find your nearest distributor.

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