Heat Exchangers

Swimming Pool Heat Exchangers

A swimming pool heat exchanger is a great option for many households and provides an effective and affordable way to heat your swimming pool. At Elecro Engineering we manufacture both tubular and plate heat exchangers for swimming pools of all types. With hot water taken from your boiler this heat is transferred through the use of plates and tubes to your swimming pool’s water. Heat exchangers are most effective for applications where the heat source is close to the pool as these need to be plumbed into your existing heating system.

All of our swimming pool heat exchangers are suitable for chlorinated, freshwater, and sea or saltwater pools, offering you the greatest flexibility when it comes to choosing a suitable option for your home or commercial application.

Pick from our Escalade and G2 Multi Tubular models, SST Shell and Coil or Plate Heat Exchanger and combine with the HeatSmart & KoolSmart controller for the ultimate smart control over your pool’s heating.

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