Electric Heaters

Electric Swimming Pool Heaters

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor swimming pool if you want to use your pool all year round then a swimming pool heater is a necessity. At Elecro Engineering we are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of swimming pool heaters, splashers and disinfection products. We’ve quickly established ourselves as a trusted name in the industry and now offer a comprehensive and diverse range of innovative products.

If you have a saltwater or chlorine swimming pool, we can offer a heating solution tailored to your needs. Our extensive range of electric swimming pool heaters cover a huge range of applications from small home pools right up to large Olympic size commercial pools. If you are looking for the best above ground or inground electric pool heater on the market, then you are in the right place.

The Elecro range of pool heaters uses a unique vortex spiral-wound titanium heating element which makes them very energy efficient helping you to keep your pool at the ideal temperature while keeping your running costs as low as possible. The majority of our heating products are suitable for both above ground and inground pools and provide effective heating for any size swimming pool.

Looking for the best electric swimming pool heaters on the market? Then you will love our range of reliable, energy efficient and efficient heaters. At Elecro we pride ourselves on manufacturing superior products using high quality components and the care we take in our relationship with our valued clients. Click on any of our swimming pool electric heaters to see detailed product information and specifications.

Splasher Electric Pool Heaters

Our plug and play Nano Splasher offers easy installation and maximum safety to provide you with a reliable and efficient heating solution for soft and hard sided above ground pools. With two power options to choose from including 2kW and 3 kW it will provide efficient heating for all types of above ground pools.

To keep your pool at the ideal temperature our Poolsmart Plus offers simple touchscreen controls to help your pool stay at the right temperature and will ensure that the Nano Splasher is running as efficiently as possible. Our Nano Splasher has been specially designed for use in above ground pools and thanks to its plug and play functionality and durable construction it will provide years of reliability.

The Nano Splasher electric heater can be floor or vertically mounted and thanks to the titanium flow tube and heating element it provides 100% efficiency through the product’s life. To find out more about the Nano Splasher click on the product below to view further information including data sheet, product details and installation manual.