Swimming Pool Disinfection

When it comes to keeping your swimming pool clean there are a number of options available. At Elecro Engineering we offer Ultraviolet (UV) swimming pool water treatment systems that offer supreme efficiency compared with other products on the market. Our innovative pool disinfection products neutralise bacteria, viruses, algae and fungi that traditional chemicals cannot.

Both our swimming pool water treatment products are salt and seawater compatible meaning they can be used for large commercial applications to help provide powerful sterilisation. From above ground to in-ground swimming pool systems, our UV-C systems provide pool disinfection without the need for chlorine-based systems.

Our swimming pool water treatment systems produce different wavelengths of UV light that breaks down chloramines while killing bacteria, algae and other fungi in the water. Designed to work in conjunction with a good filtration system and pump, our Ultraviolet pool systems will help to keep your domestic or commercial pool as clean as possible and free from harmful bacteria.

To find out more about our pool disinfection products just give us a call today on +44 1438 749 474 or visit our distributors page to find your nearest distributor.

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