Heat Exchangers

Aquatics Heat Exchangers

Looking to keep your pond water warm without using your electric heater all of the time? Our aquatic heat exchangers can help by giving you an efficient and affordable way to heat your pond water. Heat exchangers work by transferring heat from the water in your central heating system to your pond’s water. Our tubular heat exchangers offer unrivalled heat transfer and are one of the most efficient products on the market.

The G2 Multi Tubular heat exchanger features titanium tubes and is available in four sizes ranging from 30kW to 122 kW. Thanks to the Titanium construction it can be used with salt and sea water and is designed to have a long lifespan to provide years of hassle-free performance. The optional touchscreen heating controller and booster pump helps to keep your aquatic pond at the optimum temperature with accurate control to half a degree.

Our aquatic heat exchangers will help you cut down on your pond heating costs by using your existing heating system to generate heat for your pool. As additional pipework will need to be added between your boiler and your pool to accommodate the heat exchanger, they are best suited to applications where the heating source is already close to the pool.

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