Electric Heaters

Aquatic Electric Heaters

Boasting an all titanium inner construction our aquatic electric heaters are suitable for all marine and freshwater applications. From ponds to tropical marine applications, our electric heaters help you maintain a steady temperature whatever the application. From aquariums to ponds, our heating systems help you create an environment in which your fish will thrive.

Boasting silent operation our pond and tropical marine heaters are available in a range of power ratings from 1kW to 8.4kW making them suitable for use in both home ponds and commercial breeding ponds and aquariums. With two models to choose from we recommend the Nano Cygnet for smaller ponds and marine applications and the Cygnet Aquatic for large and commercial operations.

As with our other products, all aquatic electric heaters feature innovative designs and a special vortex heating element that is made from Titanium which helps to ensure a long lifespan. Whatever your application our electric heaters can help you achieve a consistent year-round temperature for your pond or tropical marine environment.

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