Aquatics Water Treatment and Disinfection

Keep your aquatics pool clean and safe for use with our class leading water treatment and disinfection systems. We have a couple of options available for water treatment which are the H.R.UV-C and Quantum disinfection systems. Both of these units are designed for use in aquatic environments and are fully compatible with salt and seawater applications.

The H.R.UV-C system offers users a more ecological friendly process with less reliance on chemicals to keep their water clean. Using Ultraviolet light to sterilise the water by denaturing the DNA of waterborne organisms leaving them unable to reproduce.

Our other aquatics disinfection system, Quantum, uses photocatalytic oxidation which is a natural process that oxidises the water and creates Hydroxyl radicals which sanitise the water. It is also able to inject chemicals into the pool water using the peristaltic pump for residual water treatment. The lamp has a life of 14,000 hours which can be monitored using the in-built indicator.

All of our aquatics water treatment systems use UV light to break down chloramines and kill bacteria, algae and other fungi that chemicals alone won’t be able to prevent. Like other disinfection products our water treatment systems are designed to work in conjunction with a good filtration system and pump to help maintain the cleanest water possible.

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