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UV systems for pools to ensure the best in water treatment and disinfection

Whether you have a home spa or are running a commercial spa, keeping it clean will help you get the maximum return from your investment. At Elecro Engineering we manufacture market leading spa disinfection and water treatment systems. Our UV systems for pools neutralise bacteria, viruses, algae and fungi that chemicals alone cannot, helping to ensure your spa is sterile and always ready to use.

We offer 2 different systems, H.R. UV-C Spa and Quantum Spa, both use ultraviolet light in addition to other powerful methods of sterilisation to help reduce the need for traditional chemicals. And thanks to an average life expectancy of 2 years and the intelligent lamp life indicator, both systems provide great and reliable performance.

Our product range also includes:

Why UV systems for pools is necessary for spa disinfection?

There are many reasons to keep your spa pool water clean and free of bacteria. A few key reasons include:

  • Reducing the spread of disease
  • Improving water quality
  • Extending the life of your spa pool equipment
  • Maintaining a healthy and inviting environment for all

If you are looking for a reliable and effective way to keep your spa clean, Elecro Engineering’s UV water disinfection systems are the way to go. We have been delivering quality disinfection systems for the past two decades, and as a family-run business, we are dedicated to ensuring quality in every single product manufactured at our facility in Hertfordshire. Our team is valued for their knowledge, skills and expertise, dedicated to working together to deliver innovative products, and we guarantee excellent customer service, after sales and technical support.

How to reduce chlorine in pools: The answer lies with Elecro Engineering

UV systems for pools are an effective way to reduce the amount of chlorine used in your pool. This type of system uses ultraviolet light to break down organic matter, such as bacteria and viruses, reducing the amount of chlorine needed to keep the water clean. The UV system also helps to improve water clarity by removing suspended particles like algae and pollen.

The key benefit of using UV systems for pools:

  • Reduces chemical usage therefore protecting swimmers against exposure to harmful chemicals
  • Keeps swimmers safe from dangerous micro-organisms
  • Eliminates the smell of chlorine

So, if you find yourself thinking about how to reduce chlorine in pools, the answer might be a UV system from Elecro Engineering. Let us help you create a healthier and more inviting environment for you and your family.

H.R. UV-C Spa

The highest reflective UV on the market neutralises bacteria, viruses, algae and fungi in a way that traditional chemicals cannot. Demanding 50% less chemicals to treat the water, you can reduce the undesirable side-effects of sore eyes, itchy skin, dry/discoloured hair and the smell and taste from chemically treated water. Our H.R. UV-C Spa systems are available in three models – Standard, Classic and Pro.

How does our H.R. UV-C Spa disinfection system work?

Our UV systems for pools optimise UV-C radiation, amplifying the exposure to micro-organisms by up to 95%, inactivating them so they can no longer reproduce. Designed to work in conjunction with a good filtration system and pump, our Ultraviolet spa systems will help to keep your spa as clean as possible and free from harmful bacteria.

Quantum Spa (Photocatalytic Spa Steriliser)

Our most cost effective, super powerful photocatalytic oxidiser, instantly destroys viruses, bacteria and pathogens, and more outstandingly converts sun tan oil, urea and other contaminants back into their harmless molecular form. Built to be installed easily into any existing set-up, the Quantum is completely safe and significantly more powerful than chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, UV or ozone. Plus, demanding less chemicals to treat the water by up to 80%, you can eliminate the undesirable side-effects of sore eyes, itchy skin, dry/discoloured hair and the smell and taste of chemically treated water. Our Quantum systems are available in two models – Classic and Pro.

How does our Quantum Spa photocatalytic steriliser work?

Quantum uses new ceramic Nano Crystal technology and UV light to create two powerful reactions within its sophisticated, highly reflective, catalyst chamber. The first reaction, known as Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO), uses the power of UV light to energise the chamber with maximum exposure from its internal turbines, and instantly destroying all viruses, bacteria and pathogens. This reaction not only has the power to consume any oils or organics in the water and return them to their harmless molecular form but also momentarily splits the water molecules into what we call Hydroxyl Radicals (HO). Highly reactive and volatile (reaction 2), these Hydroxyl Radicals have the ability to attack harmful pollutants, killing everything in its path, before converting itself back into clean, sterile water. The combination of both reactions are more powerful than a chemical oxidation agent and is the safest and most effective method against pollutants.

This revolutionary technology is already used by high-profile industries such as hospitals, drinking and waste water purification.

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