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Aquatic Disinfection for ponds and aquariums

When it comes to creating a safe and healthy environment for your fish, we have two options available to reduce the threat of waterborne pathogens and eliminate the common problem of green water caused by single celled, free floating algae. At Elecro Engineering we offer Ultraviolet (UV) and Photocatalytic Oxidation (AOP) water treatment systems that offer supreme efficiency compared with other products on the market. Our innovative disinfection products neutralise bacteria, viruses, algae and fungi that traditional chemicals cannot.

Both aquatic water treatment systems are fresh and saltwater compatible meaning they can be used for any fish environment to provide powerful and reliable sterilisation. For private and commercial ponds and aquariums, our H.R. UV-C and Quantum systems provide water disinfection without the need for additional chemical dosing.

Top-of-the-range aquatic water treatment systems

A pond or aquarium is the perfect addition to any home, garden or commercial property where you can create a natural environment anywhere in a dark or empty space. They provide a natural source of relaxation, they look great in any setting and they encourage even more wildlife into the area. However, it is important to remember that they can become breeding grounds for harmful bacteria and excessive algae growth if not maintained correctly. Both our H.R. UV-C and Quantum systems are ideal for ponds and aquariums of most sizes. Check out our product specifications to find the right products for your setup.

Established in 1997, Elecro Engineering are a market leader in aquatic water treatment systems. Our high quality products are designed to be used in fresh or saltwater environments to help ensure they are kept clean and bacteria free. So if you are interested in acquiring a reliable means of keeping your pond or aquarium clean and protected at all times, you can trust our carefully manufactured range of aquatic pool disinfection systems to do the job just right!

H.R. UV-C for ponds and aquariums

The highest reflective UV on the market neutralises bacteria, viruses, algae and fungi in a way that traditional chemicals cannot. Our H.R. UV-C systems are ideal for all aquatic environments, available in three sizes (30m3, 55m3 & 110m3) and supplied in three models – Standard, Classic and Pro.

How does our HR UV swimming pool disinfection system work?

Our UV aquatic water treatment systems optimise UV-C radiation, amplifying the exposure to micro-organisms by up to 95%, inactivating them all so they can no longer reproduce. Designed to work in conjunction with a good filtration system and pump, our Ultraviolet pool systems will help to keep your aquatic water as clean as possible and free from harmful bacteria.

Quantum (Photocatalytic Pool Steriliser) for ponds and aquariums

Our most cost effective, super powerful photocatalytic oxidiser, instantly destroys viruses, bacteria, algae and fungi in a way that traditional chemicals cannot. Our Quantum systems are ideal for any pond or aquarium, available in three sizes (35m3, 65m3 & 130m3) and supplied in two models – Classic and Pro.

How does our Quantum aquatic steriliser work?

Quantum uses new ceramic Nano Crystal technology and UV light to create two powerful reactions within its sophisticated, highly reflective, catalyst chamber. The first reaction, known as Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO), uses the power of UV light to energise the chamber with maximum exposure from its internal turbines, and instantly destroying all viruses, bacteria and pathogens. This reaction also momentarily splits the water molecules into what we call Hydroxyl Radicals (HO). Highly reactive and volatile (reaction 2), these Hydroxyl Radicals have the ability to attack harmful pollutants, killing every form of mirco-organisms that stands in its path, before converting itself back into clean, clear water. The combination of both reactions are more powerful than a chemical oxidation agent and is the safest and most effective method against pollutants.

This revolutionary technology is already used by high-profile industries such as hospitals, drinking and waste water purification.

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