The Team

We have an uncompromising pursuit of technical excellence and willingness to invest in research and innovation. Our strengths are the results of our combined innovative approach to customer needs and sustaining long lasting mutually rewarding relationships.

Our Design Engineers build on their expertise to consistently push the limits of design, challenging conventions and preconceptions to deliver solutions to improve product performance. We believe in creating superior products that go beyond user expectations, being sustainable and competitive in the market.

The quality build of our products reflects the pride we take in what we do and create. We are passionate, determined to serve our clients through relentless improvement, and a collaborative approach. The products are continually evolving, and we constantly improve manufacturing processes in order to remain the leader in our industry.

Our team has over 40 years of unique talent, dedication and strengths. The diverse thinking, passion for excellence and decision making of our staff strengthens our team, by working together, we can produce better results than any of us can achieve alone.

At Elecro, we are motivated to work in an environment where people are driven to work together and think out of the box whether it is manufacturing a product, customer or after sales service.

Elecro has built a strong reputation for excellence, exporting to over 70 countries, by delivering quality products, services and solutions and taking a personal pride in everything we do.

The creative strength, values and independence of mind of our Founder continues to guide the company and the team continue to add to that proud history every day.

Elecro – a business with ambition, that is passionate about its people as it is for the creativity and imagination of its engineering.