How To Extend Your Swimming Season Into Winter

Do you love using your swimming pool but hate how cold it gets, and then the time it takes to heat up the pool? When it comes to energy-efficiency, Elecro Engineering lead the way with innovative electric pool heaters, heat exchangers and solar heaters for your swimming pool. In this blog, we’ll look at the best ways to keep your pool usable this winter.

Swimming pool heat exchangers

For anyone looking for an affordable way to heat their pool over the winter months, or any time of year for that matter, our energy efficient heat exchangers are the ideal option. Heat exchangers work by using your existing boiler to heat pipework which transfers the heat through plates and tubes to heat up the water in your swimming pool. Boilers are generally much cheaper to run compared with electric heaters, meaning your pool will be kept warm with the regular use of your heating system.

The Elecro range of heat exchangers are suitable for use with chlorinated water, freshwater and saltwater, meaning that they can be used for indoor and outdoor pools.

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100% Efficient titanium heaters

While a heat exchanger is a great option, it does rely on your heating system being run regularly to help keep your pool warm. Where you only have your heating on for a couple of hours a day, a heat exchanger may not be the best choice for you. Luckily there are now a fantastic range of electric swimming pool heaters that are designed to operate at any ambient temperature with 100% efficiency.

Elecro electric heaters are compact and do not take up space in your garden. They can be installed directly in the pipework in your pump room and are super quiet, operating at 0 noise level. Furthermore, with our range of Elecro electric heaters there is no maintenance required.

Using an innovative and unique vortex spiral-wound titanium, anti-corrosion heating element, our entire range of pool heaters will ensure your pool is kept at the right temperature all year round. The vortex flow induced by the coiled heating elements means they eradicate the potential for encrustation to form, resulting in an extended life with no drop in efficiency.

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Solar heaters

Are you lucky enough to live in a country that has mild winters with plenty of sunshine? If so, then our fantastic solar pool heaters can help, boasting a compact design, our solar water heaters manage to convert a massive 92% of solar radiation into hot water for your swimming pool, making them an ideal secondary heating choice. Unlike a lot of other solar heaters on the market, the Thermecro solar heater is not reliant on the outside temperature or direct sunlight, meaning it works in all weather conditions and temperatures – even in the UK.

This eco-friendly solution will help to significantly reduce your energy consumption and lower your carbon footprint, all while helping you to enjoy your swimming pool all year round.

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Swimming pool covers

The final top tip for keeping your swimming pool warm is to make sure that you are using a swimming pool cover to help minimise evaporation and trap the heat in. This is particularly important for anyone with an outdoor pool as the outside air will cause your pool to cool down at a quicker rate then if you were to use a cover.