Heat Exchangers

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Aquatic Heat Exchangers for ponds and aquariums

Looking to keep your pond or aquarium warm without using your electric heater all of the time? Our aquatic heat exchangers can help by giving you an efficient and affordable way to heat your water. Heat exchangers work by transferring heat from the water in your central heating system to your pond or aquarium water. Our tubular heat exchangers offer unrivalled heat transfer and are one of the most efficient products on the market.

As additional pipework will be required between your boiler and your pool to accommodate the heat exchanger, they are best suited to applications where the heating source is already close to the pond or aquarium.

Why choose our aquatic heaters?

Elecro Engineering’s heat exchangers offer many features and benefits that make them the ideal choice for your pond or aquarium’s heating needs:

  • Efficient heat transfer – Our heat exchangers offer unrivalled heat transfer, making them one of the most efficient products on the market for those who require aquatic heating. This means that you can keep your aquatic water warm without using your electric heater all of the time, saving you money on your energy bills.
  • Easy to install – Our heat exchangers are easy to install, meaning you can get up and running with your new pond or aquarium heating system in no time at all.
  • Compact design – Our compact design means that our heat exchangers take up less space than other products on the market, making them perfect for ponds and aquariums of all sizes.

Features of our Aquatic Heat Exchangers

All of our heat exchangers feature titanium tubes and are available in a number of sizes ranging from 30kW to 122 kW. Thanks to the Titanium construction they can be used with fresh or salt water environments and are designed to have a long lifespan to provide years of hassle-free performance. The optional touchscreen heating controller and booster pump helps to keep your aquatic setup at the optimum temperature with accurate control to half a degree.

If you’re looking for an efficient and affordable way to heat your aquatic water, our aquatic heat exchangers are the perfect solution. Order yours today – we export to 70 countries around the world through our extensive network of distributors!

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