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Elecro Engineering Limited, established in 1997 is a UK leading manufacturer and industry specialist in swimming pool, spa, splashers, aquatic heating and disinfection products. It has grown considerably, both through our excellent reputation for producing outstanding products and forging lasting relationships with respected clients, many of whom form the core distributors for our products.Elecro continuously research and develop new innovations and technologies, utilising cutting edge components.  We closely scrutinise our entire product range, conduct market analysis to enable us to understand the changing needs of our customers so our products always meet your high expectations and special requirements. Our Design Engineers work closely together with co-operation from our clients to re-engineer our products to evolve our business and continue to meet market demand.

The company has a well-balanced geographic footprint with leadership positions in both developed and developing markets, exporting to over 70 countries via a network of wholesalers, retailers and other distributors. We have built strong and lasting business relationships with our clients ensuring we have a thorough understanding of products and services. Our sought-after products have grown to be a renowned brand in the industry offering outstanding products of the highest quality and at extremely competitive prices. Our products are also efficient being the choice of industry professionals worldwide offering outstanding levels of sustainability.

Elecro has created a comprehensive and diverse range of high quality innovative and advanced technology products, dedicated to being energy efficient and offering low running costs.

  • Electric Heaters: Developed with unique vortex spiral-wound titanium heating elements.
  • Heat Exchangers. Both spiral, multiple tube and plate titanium, offer an energy-efficient and economical solution for maintaining a near constant year-round water temperature in swimming pools.
  • Disinfection Equipment: Advanced photocatalytic, hydroxyl radical and sanitisers offering a viable alternative to traditional chlorine and bromine chemical solutions taking pool hygiene and water clarity to the ultimate level using revolutionary photocatalytic oxidisers.
  • Solar: An ideal secondary heating device, working in the lowest of ambient temperatures and is not reliant on outside temperatures or direct sunlight.

We maintain a loyal and dedicated partnership with customers, and work with them in an open and collaborative way to provide outstanding customer service, after sales and technical support for our growing range of products.

Our professionalism and commitment to quality is engrained in our ethos and echoed throughout the whole team at Elecro which makes us a reliable partner, onwards into the future.

Our Values

PASSION: Our culture exudes passion for the industry, a desire to provide quality products and always relentlessly seeking perfection.

EXPERTISE: Our team is valued for their knowledge, skills and expertise, dedicated to working together to deliver innovative products.

QUALITY: We pride ourselves on manufacturing superior products using high quality components and the care we take in our relationship to support our valued clients.

INTEGRITY: We believe that business and our relationship with you should be undertaken with the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness.

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