The world’s leading manufacturer of swimming pool, spa and aquatic water heaters and disinfection systems.

Established in 1997

At Elecro Engineering we’re an industry specialist in swimming pool, spa, and aquatic heating and disinfection products.

Established in 1997, we’re one of the UK’s leading manufacturer of electric water heaters, heat exchangers, disinfection equipment and solar heaters. Our expertise has helped us to lead the way in our industry and create products that are used in over 70 countries worldwide.

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Our 2024 catalogue showcases the very latest in the Elecro portfolio of innovative pool and spa products. It covers everything there is to know about our products and will provide you with a great source of information whether you are a distributor, installer or end user.
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Pushing the limits

Our team of specialist engineers love pushing the limits of design, and challenging conventions to build solutions that deliver exceptional performance.

Whether you’re in need of a heater or disinfection/sanitisation unit for your swimming pool, spa or aquatic, or require something completely bespoke, we’ll be happy to help.

Together, our team have been improving pool heating and sanitation since 1997 with a focus on designing products that exceed expectations.

Exceptional performance

From chemical-free disinfection systems that can convert wastewater into potable water to energy-efficient heat exchangers, we create products that deliver the best performance in the field. Our pool, spa and aquatic water heaters have been installed in over 150,000 swimming pools worldwide.

For both private and commercial areas we can provide solutions with exceptional performance. Our electric pool water heaters and heat exchangers offer a way to maintain a consistent temperature year-round, helping to provide pleasant swimming water.